05 January 2016

2016 Feng Shui Star Wars

I am no Feng Shui Master but I love both Feng Shui and Star Wars and while watching the latter from the first episode, I find it very amusing to notice a very close similarity between the two, which is the goal to maintain balance.  In Feng Shui, it is balancing the energies from Five Elements which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water, while in Star Wars, simply balancing the Force.

Another similarity between the two is the prominence of stars, though of course there is war among the stars in Star Wars while in Feng Shui, there is clashing of elements between the “Flying Stars” and the locations at times.

Having worked as a computer programmer and systems analyst in the past, I dealt with a lot of logics and logic is now one of my basic guiding principles in life that was why I had appreciated the logical cycles of the Five Elements very much, which are also basic principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

For 2016, those mindful of Feng Shui would know by this time that the good stars 1, 6 and 8 will be flying to all the southern locations, Southeast, South and Southwest, respectively.  Those locations are localized to the homes, the whole house in general, and each part of the house.

On the other hand, all the “evil stars” will be flying to the North locations. Star 3 or the “Argumentative star” will fly to the Northwest, Star 7 or “Robbery star” flies to the North while the “5 Yellow Misfortune star” flies to the Northeast.  The good news is there is not much to worry because the elements of the locations they will be flying to contradicts the element nature of each of these evil stars, weakening them, except for Star 5.

To elaborate on the nature of these elements, Argumentative Star 3 is Wood flying to a Metal location which is Northwest, and everyone knows what a metal can do to wood. Robbery Star 7 is Metal flying to a Water location which can overpower or exhaust the Metal (like what happens when metal pipes are not enough to control the water).  Lastly, the 5 Yellow Misfortune Star is "at home" in the Northeast since the element of this location is Earth, the same element of the 5 Yellow Star and that means it will be a strong star.  One or more antidotes are needed in this case, though if your bedroom is in this location, the easiest solution is to transfer to another bedroom for 2016.  

Though I mentioned there is not much to worry about Argumentative Star 3 and Robbery Star 7, be wary about their presence as well as the presence of elements that can provoke or support their nature. An example of an antidote for the Argumentative Star is the "Flaming Sword" figurine or keychain, which suggests the combination of metal and fire, both overpowering the Wood, the element of the Argumentative Star.

Each one of us need to take care of ourselves and pray a lot since the Illness Star 2 is at the center location making all of us prone to illnesses this 2016. A positive disposition and prayers will be the best antidotes for the evil stars, though balanced elements can of course produce a positive outcome. If you want more antidotes or activators of the good stars, in the Philippines you may go to the Feng Shui booth of my friend Feng Shui Master Hanz Cua in Shangrila Plaza. 

02 March 2015

Complimentary Colors

Our front yard is not as good as it was in the past because the flowering plants were "mutilated" by our now three dog pets. I realized that a house without beautiful plants especially those with flowers can easily cause me to be depressed so I needed to do something, tried to put the flowering plants on top of the fence.

The big pot with flowering bougainvillea couldn't fit the fence so I used an old high chair made of fiber glass which I bought only for Php50 from the old laboratory of the company where I worked the longest. The torquoise fiber glass accumulates dirt from the pot that is easily visible because of its color so I planned to paint it with a terra cota colored paint to go with the rest of the pots.  But I realized that torquoise compliments red orange which is the color of the pots on the fence and the leaves of a plant also on top of the fence. The leaves of most plants that turn yellow green when hit by the sun compliments the fuschia color of the bougainvillea flowers, on the other hand.

The set-up on the fence was not planned so it is not so good looking but at least the colors that complimented each other brought life to the "nature" part of the view.

It's good to be reminded that that best things that are very pleasing to the eyes are found in nature, because they usually have complimentary colors, for example, red flowers compliment with green leaves. That also reminded me that red throw pillows on the chairs or sofas can be very well complimented with leafy plants placed in the living room.

30 December 2014

Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy greatly benefits a person's well being by keeping the meridians balanced. The procedure for meridian therapy becomes so simple with the use of the Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus of Tiens that has cogs with smooth ends that will not cause scratches on the skin.  The gadget is simply scanned or combed along the direction of the meridian from a starting point, as shown by the photos below:

There are 3 meridians shown on the photo at the left. The HEART meridian, the CONCEPTION meridian at the middle of the trunk, and the LUNG meridian. Scanning the comb gadget on the paler or lighter side or YIN side of the arm will touch two meridians, the HEART and the LUNG at the same time. Scanning or combing lightly should begin at the starting point of the meridian.  

On the YANG or outer or darker side of the arm are another two meridians, the LARGE INTESTINE and the ENDOCRINE GLANDS meridians. The starting points of these two meridians are found on the fingers, upwards.

Therefore, the comb may be scanned upward on the darker side then flip the arm and continue scanning downward on the lighter side. It is assumed that a person has no fever when this is done and the objective of the therapy is simply to keep the meridians normal or balanced.

The same procedure goes for meridians that run on a person's legs like the SPLEEN and LIVER meridians that start from the foot. The STOMACH, GALL BLADDER and BLADDER or Urinary Bladder on the other hand, start from points near the eyes, upward to the head then downward to the foot. In this case, combing or scanning may be divided in two or even 3 sections of the body, for example the head, trunk and legs.

30 September 2014

Improving the Liver's Functions

A lot had been said about taking care of the liver and this post hopes to add more options to choose from.  I can guess that one of the best options is drinking a delicious juice that can improve the function of the liver. 

Wash, slice, then juice the following preferably using a slow juicer:  one apple, one medium sugar beet and one stalk of celery.  Drink  the juice immediately to avoid oxidation of the nutrients  Drinking this regularly cleanses the liver, improving its function.  

Another way to cleanse the liver is the TCM way of stimulating the acupoints of the liver found on the foot as shown on the photo.  This can be done by soaking the feet in the following boiled mixture:

1.  Sliced ginger (without peeling).
2.  Used tea bag of Tianshi Lipid Metabolic Management Tea (drinking two cups of this tea twice a day is also very good for the liver and the heart).
3,  Two or more liters of water, enough to soak the feet so that all acupoints are soaked (see photo).

Test if your feet can withstand the heat before soaking the feet, but the hotter the better.  Soak until the heat is gone.  You should feel the heat going up your body.

A traditional way of stimulating the acupoints of the liver to improve its functions is through acupuncture or acupressure.  There is now a modern way, through electro-acupuncture using state-of-the-art gadgets like the one from Tiens called Acupoints Treasure Multifunctional Apparatus.

Lastly, emotions greatly affect the organs of the body, each kind of emotion affecting each vital organ. The emotion affecting the liver is anger so people should not allow anger to linger in them. Lingering anger is usually the root cause of cancer because of the hormones secreted by anger which stimulates the growth of cancer cells.

24 August 2014

Electroacupuncture to stop smoking

A lot of studies on the effectiveness of electroacupuncture have been published and we're lucky that a high-quality gadget in this category is already available. This gadget is the Tiens Acupoint Treasure Multifunctional Apparatus which uses electroacupuncture pulse technology.

One of the most common concern that will highly benefit by using this apparatus is in quitting smoking.  By using the Tiens Acupoints Treasure Multifunctional Apparatus regularly on an acupoint called "Tim Mee", and every time there is a craving to smoke,  a smoker will soon stop smoking.

"Tim Mee" is approximately one inch on top of the base of the "hole" formed near your wrist in line with the thumb, when you spread your thumb away from the other fingers. To those who are familiar with acupoints, "Tim Mee" is between the "hole" mentioned earlier and LU7 acupoint which is at the tip of the index finger of the other hand when base of two thumbs are crossed against each other in between the thumb and index finger.

Please watch the video to help you locate it. and use the Tiens Acupoint Treasure Multifunctional Apparatus which is much easier to use.

27 July 2014

Better Days in 2014

This is a Feng Shui tip for those born under the Chinese signs of Snake and Dragon but those born under the other signs will benefit from reading this also.

The sixth month in the Chinese calendar ends on August 7. It is the worst month for both Dragon and Snake signs, after another not so good fifth month also. The best advice for the sixth month is to have a vacation, far away from stresses and situations that will provoke quarrels which the two signs involved would easily get into if self-control is not practiced.

The good news for these two signs is there will be better days starting August 8, until the end of 2014! There is just one warning, which is for the tenth month (November 7 to December 6) to watch out for thieves and personal safety and all will be well.

In layman lingo, the energies of the wind and water is what Feng Shui is all about so it is not a religion. It is God who controls the wind and the rain so praying to God will always work unless obstacles were meant to be present to lead to better days.

30 June 2014

Five-Element Tumblers

Since the start of the year, I have maintained a group of five small tumblers, each one containing a different color of stone (artificially fabricated) to represent the five elements.  The red stone representing FIRE, the yellow stone representing EARTH, the white stone representing METAL, the black stone representing WATER and the green stone representing WOOD.  There are more uniform tumblers sold in Feng Shui stores but I decided to create my own not only because I didn't want to spend for the tumblers but I've also considered the availability of space where I may place the tumblers.

Feng Shui warns about excesses in the five elements this 2014 which can cause imbalances and a cure is to place a representation of each element in "Yin water" so they will remain controlled.  One element that is in excess is FIRE since there is also too much WOOD present that is why relationships are at stake this year though for those in an old relationship, it is the best time for them to marry.

In my case, seeing the tumblers at all times and seeing to it that the water doesn't dry up in each tumbler reminds me to control my emotions at all times and have a balanced lifestyle by eating the right foods and having enough sleep but also to enjoy life without any excesses, not forgetting the lifestyle I had in the past which could easily cause excesses at present. 

I have arranged the tumblers according to the productive flow of elements and that helped me memorize it by heart also. Clockwise starting with the tumbler with red stone is FIRE which produces EARTH (yellow stone) which produces METAL (white stone) which produces WATER (black stone) which produces WOOD (green stone) which produces FIRE. I just read that the best place for these tumblers is either the Southwest, West or Northeast part of the house.

31 May 2014

A delicious milkshake!

A combination of fruits and/or vegetables always makes a great recipe.  A milkshake that proved delicious was one that the class of my special child made and liked so much at Resources for the Blind and it was a mixture of bananas, mangoes and apples.  I experimented on that combination with a revision of the proportion of fruits and added a fruit that really made it the most delicious milkshake I've ever tasted, and that is kiwi.

Here's the proportion that I used:

2 bananas
1 mango
1 big apple
1 big kiwi
1/4 cup sugar
Around 150 ml. of milk (I used small tetrapacks so I can switch to low fat milk for me and my husband)


Peel, slice and blend the above ingredients in a blender until smooth (that will take less than a half minute), transfer in a bowl then set aside.  Crush the ice small enough to be blended till fine or if you're using an ice crusher or something like a Matstone juicer that has an ice shaver like the one I used, you can use tube ice.

Pour a glass of shaved ice on the blender and add one cup of the blended fruit mixture in the blender and blend for 10 seconds. More milk may be added for the children before blending.  That can be good for 2 persons. I think I was able to produce 6 glasses all in all.

28 April 2014

Taking care of the Gallbladder

I found a simple article in the internet about taking care of the gallbladder, but I had to edit it not only to shorten it but to make it fit to the lifestyle of Filipinos who are workaholics and wouldn't usually notice the time.  I therefore prioritized the hows of taking care of the gallbladder according to the lifestyle I just mentioned:

1.  Know What Time It Is

In TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, every organ is seen to have 2 hours out of every 12 where its Qi is at its peak. The time when the Gallbladder’s energy is its most abundant is between 11pm-1am. During these 2 hours, it is helpful if you can refrain from drinking alcohol or other intoxicants, as they place unnecessary stress on the Gallbladder. It also helps the Gallbladder if you can rest the body as much as possible in these 2 hours.

2.  Avoid Greasy, Fatty, Rich or Spicy Foods

Sharp abdominal pains after eating these types of foods points to Gallbladder stones and other problems. Because the Gallbladder is responsible for releasing bile which helps break down fats, you want to keep intake of these foods to a minimum and not overload your Gallbladder.

3.  Express Emotions Freely

This may be easier said than done, but any stagnation or blockage in TCM is what causes disease and pain. This includes emotions, so it is important to have a healthy emotional life, and always try to express what you are feeling instead of allowing it to build up. Emotions specific to Gallbladder are anger (frustration, resentment, etc..) associated with its partner, the Liver. Emotional changes such as depression (which is considered anger turned inward) can also point to a Gallbladder imbalance.

4. Eat Foods that are beneficial to the Gallbladder
  • Broccoli
  • Rocket
  • Beetroot
  • Oranges
  • Jasmine tea
  • Green tea
  • Radishes
  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Cayenne (eat moderately)
  • Dill
  • Chive
  • Cardamom
  • Lemon
  • Dandelion root
  • Licorice root
  • Cumquat
  • Grapefruit
  • Kale
  • Carrot
  • Celery
  • Peppermint tea
  • Chrysanthemum tea
  • Tea with orange peel
5. Exercise and Keep Moving

The Gallbladder meridian runs bilaterally along the body starting at the outside corner of the eye (at the end of the eyebrow) and runs along the side of the body, ending at the corner of the nail bed of the 4th toe. Therefore, any exercise that stimulates the sides of the body are beneficial for the flow of Qi and to help remove any blockages in the Gallbladder  organ and meridian. Side stretches are ideal. There are many Chinese internal as well as external martial arts that are excellent for mind, body and spirit. Tai Chi and Qi Gong are 2 examples of internal martial arts that are beneficial for moving Qi in all of the meridians, as well as strengthening the body and the mind. Movement is the most important aspect for keeping your Qi from stagnating, so even by just walking the Qi will keep moving.

6. Avoid foods that hurt the Gallbladder
  • Deep fried food – (Greasy)
  • Alcohol – (Damp)
  • Spicy foods (may be eaten in moderation)
  • Hot foods like lamb and beef
  • Lamb
  • Beef
  • Curry
It is also beneficial to cleanse these organs by drinking lots of water and eating things like fresh greens to nourish the Gallbladder and Liver.

If you are experiencing any Gallbladder symptoms, or have been told by your doctor that you should consider surgery, explore the non surgical options to rebalance your body and heal your Gallbladder.

The wonderful thing about TCM is that it was developed to be a system that focuses on prevention. That is why, it is not only the oldest medical system on earth, but it teaches an entire way of life, teaching how to live in harmony with nature, eating with the seasons, moderation in work and play, exercise and emotional wellness. By practicing these basic principles, the Chinese believe that you can maintain optimum health so that illness never has a chance to develop.

18 March 2014

A "Yang" Store Room

A store room is always considered “yin” because of the nature of its main function which is to store things that will not be used for a long time.  Feng Shui warns of a stalled fortune of a person if the store room happens to be located in the location of that person’s sign, example, Southeast for both Dragon and Snake signs and Northeast for both Ox and Tiger signs.

Temporarily, we have a assigned a store room at the middle of the house so no one among us is affected by the Feng Shui warning.   An amusing situation happened which made me realize that a store room can still be “yang” or not too “yin”.  I have observed that a cat who just gave birth will usually look for a store room to keep and feed her kittens. Of course this situation seldom happens in a home.

Our temporary store room has a small bed and under it is a big drawer that came from an old big bed that was dismantled. I kept some magazines and catalogs in the drawer but when I saw that the mother kept her kittens there, I removed some of the magazines to create more space because the kittens are growing each day. My son said the kittens’ breastfeeding should continue until they are two months old which is exactly a month from now.

In the meantime, the kittens have turned the store room into a “yang” room with their cute little meows and the sound of their feet scampering into every small space they can find under the bed.