30 December 2014

Meridian Therapy

Meridian Therapy greatly benefits a person's well being by keeping the meridians balanced. The procedure for meridian therapy becomes so simple with the use of the Multifunctional Headcare Apparatus of Tiens that has cogs with smooth ends that will not cause scratches on the skin.  The gadget is simply scanned or combed along the direction of the meridian from a starting point, as shown by the photos below:

There are 3 meridians shown on the photo at the left. The HEART meridian, the CONCEPTION meridian at the middle of the trunk, and the LUNG meridian. Scanning the comb gadget on the paler or lighter side or YIN side of the arm will touch two meridians, the HEART and the LUNG at the same time. Scanning or combing lightly should begin at the starting point of the meridian.  

On the YANG or outer or darker side of the arm are another two meridians, the LARGE INTESTINE and the ENDOCRINE GLANDS meridians. The starting points of these two meridians are found on the fingers, upwards.

Therefore, the comb may be scanned upward on the darker side then flip the arm and continue scanning downward on the lighter side. It is assumed that a person has no fever when this is done and the objective of the therapy is simply to keep the meridians normal or balanced.

The same procedure goes for meridians that run on a person's legs like the SPLEEN and LIVER meridians that start from the foot. The STOMACH, GALL BLADDER and BLADDER or Urinary Bladder on the other hand, start from points near the eyes, upward to the head then downward to the foot. In this case, combing or scanning may be divided in two or even 3 sections of the body, for example the head, trunk and legs.

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