31 May 2012

How to be a successful business owner

To be a successful business owner, a mindset void of negativities is required. A mindset consisting of the following values are required to be successful, and if one of these values is absent, a change of mindset is necessary.

1. You are a business owner. You are the boss of yourself so you must require yourself to work a number of hours each day.

2. Meet your business partners regularly and discuss issues and strategies, but set a time limit so there will still be time left for the family.

3. Focus. If you are a distributor of a big company, focus on the products of that company. Learn the benefits of the products by investing on product trainings. Learn the marketing plan if the company is a network marketing company.

4. Avoid network marketing companies that have “binary” marketing plans. There will be a point in time they will overpay but cease to operate before that happens. All your investments, including your time and effort for product trainings and other activities will be wasted.

5. Be an independent business owner even if it is a network marketing company you are a distributor of its products. Don’t depend on uplines and consider downlines as your business partners, not as your staff. If you don’t succeed, look at the mirror. Don’t blame uplines or downlines.

6. While attending seminars or trainings, make yourself an important person capable of echoing the seminar. Notify potential callers or texters that you have an important meeting and will switch off your cellphone. After that, don’t forget to switch off your cellphone. Otherwise, you’ll just pretend you’re learning something from the seminar but won’t retain anything in the process.

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